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PVC Backlit Lightbox

This lightbox face is made of Backlit PVC Banner a  pure white material with translucent face. Backlit PVC Banner material is digitally printable for indoor and outdoor signage. Best used for displaying your message at night or in gloomy environments. The backlit banners offer an effective and striking solution on adverts. The extreme backlight and backlighting fabrics allow light to pass through creating crisp and bright colours when lit from behind. Perfect for advertising at night in urban settings such as night spots, pubs, at stations and in commercial environments with no natural light. Perfect for bigger illuminated signage than using costly perspex. 


  • Backlit billboards or light box applications
  • Good light transmission and whiteness
  • Weather, tear and high temperature resistant
  • Indoor and outdoor signage up to 1 year
  • Inexpensive to maintain
Backlit Lightbox

Backlit Lightbox

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